I’m an Emory University trained health coach with a Masters degree in Literature from the University of Georgia. 

Besides my passion for health and wellness, I know the power behind a good story. Not only can it entertain you; it can have the strength to change your perception of the world. My role is to help you reshape the current story of your life so you can see what’s possible.

Working as a strategic marketing professional in agencies for years, I understand the demands work can put on our bodies. The office food temptations, unexpected travel, late nights at a computer, long days of meetings, and frustrating commutes can make it difficult to feel like you’re in control of your own wellbeing. Our habits are shaped by our schedules, and office life doesn't make developing (and keeping!) healthy habits easy. I've been there. 

That’s why I’m determined to help people find ways to navigate these environments and build healthy habits that are routine no matter the situation. I believe small tweaks lead to big changes that last. Extremes don't work. Experimenting with what fits on a daily basis does. My background and experience outside of health and wellness gives me a realistic perspective into it. I'm uniquely capable to help busy professionals prioritize self-care and take control of their health.

It’s all in the strategy.