How to Navigate Work Dinners

Going out to eat with clients and colleagues is a part of a lot of our work lives. Work dinners have become the ultimate indulgent meal. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. With a little preparation and some awareness during the meal, we can enjoy work dinners and still feel in control of our diet. Here are some tips on how to navigate work dinners and not fall off a healthy eating routine.  

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eatingJulie Minchew
Need Workout Motivation? Find Purpose.

Daily exercise should be a part of our routine just like brushing our teeth. However, if you’re in a workout rut and need motivation to try something new or revisit something old put a tangible goal to it that will hold you accountable. Putting purpose behind your workouts (other than to be fit and healthy) is sometimes the edge you need to really see your potential.

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exerciseJulie Minchew