5 Healthy Habits to Implement in Your Life

These habits aim to make our lives healthier and our moods happier. These are 5 lifestyle habits to implement into your life no matter who you are. Why? Because the benefits are profound, long-lasting and holistic (think: mental, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual). They enable you to prioritize wellness without having to overthink it. Win! 

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Julie Minchew
5 Simple Ways to Improve Wellness in the Office

We spend the majority of our day (and our days) at work. However, when we think about our health and what to do about it, we focus on the time outside of the office. We forget how much time is spent in the office. This is why prioritizing wellness at work is crucial. Below are 5 tweaks that any office can implement to make healthy choices the more convenient choices for employees. 

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wellnessJulie Minchew