Interesting Ingredients: Parsley

Parsley often gets overlooked in the health scene - perceived as decoration on a plate or an accessory to a meal. But it shouldn't. The health benefits of this little green herb are pretty impressive. Parsley is a great source of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A and has anti-inflammatory properties similar to turmeric. It helps your eyes and even your allergies. 

Recently, I've started throwing it in smoothies and soups and sprinkling it on top of dishes like I do with cilantro. It really goes with everything and adds a bit of brightness the same way a lemon does. 

This MindBodyGreen article explains all the great benefits of parsley in greater detail and offers tips on buying and growing it. And this article in SeriousEats discusses the differences between flat vs curly and which goes best with what. Also, a bonus: it's available in grocery stores all year round. 

We need to start seeing parsley as more than just a pretty garnish but a nutritious powerhouse.