Workout Food: Before & After

I mainly workout in the morning. Once I shower for the day, it's hard for me to get motivated to sweat. Plus, I like getting it done before I start anything else in my day: no excuses, no obstacles. Getting up early, however, requires me to be more diligent about when and what I eat. Knowing what to eat before an early morning workout and when to eat it can be tricky. No one wants to feel burpy while doing burpees. (Ever feel that way? The worst.) I'm still trying to get the hang of it: the balance of carbs vs protein vs fats. Not to mention that what I need after heavy weight training or a run is different than gentle yoga. 

Registered dietician, Jessica Jones, explains in this Self what you should be aiming for with both pre and post workout meals. Of course, different workouts may require different fueling and recovery, so listen to your body and know that it what you need some days might be more or less than others. She also offers great recipes and ideas!