The Mental and Physical Benefits of Walking

I love walking. It's a great low-impact exercise. It gets you outdoors. It helps with digestion after a big meal (walk to dinner next time or take the long route back to your car - you'll feel energized rather than lethargic). It improves your mood. It's a more active way to catch up with friends. And even short little walks can shake off those afternoon sugar cravings.

But did you know that walking also spurs creativity? 

Yep. Taking a shower isn't the only time a great idea may arise. Check out this Quartz article that discusses a recent study by Stanford that proves the long-held belief that walking influences the way we think. This serves as a great reminder for those of us who work inside to get outside and moving in between meetings. If you have a meeting with just one or two people that doesn't necessitate a computer, suggest a walking meeting instead. Walking also helps if you're trying to figure out something or need to clear your mind for a bit. Just go for a walk!

I try to take walking breaks or schedule walking-meetings as much as I can. We spend so much of our days in and out of conference rooms and air-conditioned buildings. Walking serves as a refreshing, rejuvenating activity that will give you more energy than that second (or third) cup of coffee.