How to Get Back on Track After Vacation

With summer vacation in full swing, healthy routines are hard to keep. Hot temperatures make ice cream so tempting and poolside drinks hard to ignore - especially when you are hanging out with friends and family. There's nothing wrong with relaxing the rules and enjoying yourself. However, don't overindulge so much that you feel like you can't recover when you get back home - or that you need to do an extreme diet or detox. Try to keep elements of your routine in place while on vacation and it will be an easier transition. For example, if you workout daily, try to do something active each day - if not a workout, a stroll after dinner. Or if you usually have a mid-afternoon snack, make sure to pack something similar. This will help you resist grabbing those chips your mother-in-law brought or avoid overeating at dinner because you're starving (vacation dinners are typically eaten later than usual). Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. Not just because you had six beers on the beach but because it's freakin hot outside. 

Once you are back from holiday, though, what now? First, be easy on yourself. Even if you overindulged, going to the other extreme (deprivation) will backfire. Start slow. Drink lots of water. Go to the grocery store as soon as possible and stock up on your go-to healthy items. Plan and prepare ingredients for 3 quick, familiar healthy meals that you can easily make during the week. Go to sleep early. Write down your health goals again - reminding yourself of what you want to achieve and how far you've come in realizing them. 

Routines are based on habits. No matter if you drank too much or ate dessert after every meal, our bodies will remember the cues that spark our healthy routines. The key is to stick with what works, not punish ourselves by starting something extreme or new.