How to Increase Willpower

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One of the workshops I tend to do at companies is called “How to Increase Willpower.” Why? Because research shows that lack of willpower is the #1 reason people say they struggle to meet their goals. With all the snacks, catered food and stress that comes with working in an office, willpower is really pushed to the limit most days.

Willpower, by definition, is the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior. Control. That’s a tricky word, right? It summons up all sorts of feelings of restriction, judgment, and guilt. Control can quickly become negative. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the misconceptions about willpower is that in order to be in control you must say no - no to the donuts, the glass of wine, the Tuesday Tacos that were catered in for lunch. I challenge this by positioning control as saying yes – yes to what you ultimately want. What I mean by this is willpower is an act of impulse vs planned. Or put more simply: reactive vs proactive. To be in control is to have a plan in those moments of temptation. A plan enables you to say “I’m doing this instead.” It remains positive. Future-focused. Liberating.

That’s control. That’s willpower.

In my workshop, I provide several strategies on how to increase willpower with the goal of changing people’s perspective of it.

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