5 Healthy Habits to Implement in Your Life

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Most habits are personal - from the way we make our coffee to how we get to work. These little acts shape our days and run in the background of our lives. They are specific to us. They ARE us. We are our habits. 

There are some habits, though, that we ALL should be doing. These habits aim to make our lives healthier and our moods happier. These are 5 lifestyle habits to implement into your life no matter who you are. Why? Because the benefits are profound, long-lasting and holistic (think: mental, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual). They enable you to prioritize wellness without having to overthink it. Win! 

How you incorporate these habits will be specific to you and your body

Make these your own by reflecting on how your day is currently flowing: 

  • Which existing habits can you attach to these? 

  • What existing habits can be replaced by these? 

Experiment. And, as always, start small and build up. Habits take work. 

  1. Eat more plants. - Plants make you feel good. Period. Fruits and veggies are rich in fiber, nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent and battle illness and disease. Eating more plants doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a vegan or vegetarian. It just means you start incorporating MORE plants into your existing diet. Start by examining your current meals and snacks. And then think of ways to add in more plants (think veggies)…either as a meal or onto your current plate. It’s about ADDITION of plants, not subtraction of anything else (no restriction here).

  2. Get in consistent activity. - Notice I didn’t say “exercise.” Exercise is great, but daily movement is the goal. You want to aim for an active life not just an active 1 hour in the gym. Some days you may workout (which is an amazing lifestyle habit!) but make sure you also strive for activity every day. This means walking, stretching, biking, not sitting at your desk or on the couch for hours…you get it. It’s about moving your body consistently.

  3. Prioritize sleep. - This is the most important yet often overlooked lifestyle habit. We don’t realize that in order to do anything else (eating well, working out, nailing it at work, etc) you must sleep well. Individual needs are different, but research shows 7-9 hours should be the goal. And quantity doesn’t mean quality. You want to sleep well, not just long. Think about your current bedtime routine: what do you typically do? What do you want to do? What are small steps that can start making that happen? Maybe you put away your phone 30 minutes before getting in bed or first establish a consistent time you want to get in bed.

  4. Read books. - Reading not only keeps you informed, but it allows you to empathize better too. You can put yourself in other’s shoes and see a bigger picture than before. This can help you become more grateful in your own life. Also, books promote deep reading that you just don’t get from scrolling articles online. Reading books can improve brain function and help lower stress. This is a habit you can incorporate with healthy habit #3!

  5. Quiet your mind. - Taking time to calm busy thoughts allows you to better handle stressful situations when they arise. There are many forms this can take: journaling, meditating and breath exercises, or yoga. These help your mind relax and your body. Try to build a calming foundation in your day so you start from a place of peace.

Need help figuring out how to implement these into YOUR life? Reach out. That’s why I’m here.

Julie Minchew