5 Simple Ways to Improve Wellness in the Office


We spend the majority of our day (and our days) at work - 8 hours, 5 days a week. However, when we think about our health and what to do about it, we focus on the time outside of the office. We forget how much time is spent in the office. This is why prioritizing wellness at work is crucial. Below are 5 tweaks that any office can implement to make healthy choices the more convenient choices for employees. 

  1. Put out fresh fruit - Most people just want something quick to grab in between meetings or standing around talking. Put bananas, apples, oranges, mangos and avocados in bowls on the counter and put processed snacks in drawers. The less healthy snacks are still accessible, but they require a little more effort to grab than the fruit. If someone really wants the Oreos they will get them, but you can make grapes easier to grab than cookies.

  2. Promote the stairs - Most buildings emphasize elevators over stairs. They usually have a prominent place in the lobby with stairs being so tucked away people have to ask for directions. I’ve talked to a few employees at companies who say they never even knew where the stairs were until there was a fire drill. Simple signs that encourage the usage of stairs will get people to reconsider using them. Also, if you have control of the stairwells in your building, make them more welcoming. Most are dark and uninviting.

  3. Provide bike storage or racks - Make sure there is a safe area for people to lock up bikes. Some buildings don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room to bike storage, but simple racks in the parking garage allow commuters a covered area to keep their bike off the street while they are at work. If bike storage is an inconvenient option or hassle, employees will be discouraged in taking a more active way to work. Make is easy and safe.

  4. Encourage lunch breaks - Sometimes eating lunch at your desk is a necessity, but a lot of the time it’s just the most convenient and comfortable spot to eat. Offices can provide an area either in the kitchen or near it that encourages employees to sit (alone or together!) and eat mindfully. When we sit at our desks and eat, we are usually not as satisfied because we are distracted by the computer. Thus, we tend to eat more.

  5. Promote walking meetings - When a meeting doesn’t require a computer, suggest a walking meeting. Getting outside, even for just a few minutes, can boost mood and creativity. Plus, since most meetings involve sitting, it gets employees active while still productive. It’s a win win. If you company uses a calendar system to book meeting rooms, have your IT department add a “walking meeting” option.

Want more robust strategies and offerings that are customized to your office? I do everything from macro plans and assessments to initiatives, workshops, and personal coaching. Not every company or situation is the same - which is why I take the time to understand how wellness fits within your company. 

wellnessJulie Minchew