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Diets don’t last. Habits do.

The Well Fit helps people and companies build healthy habits that fit.

We focus on the how and the why - not just what and when. It’s health strategy with the accountability of a personal coach.

→ Losing weight
→ Exercising more
→ Sleeping better
→ Eating healthier

What do you want to achieve?



what's health coaching?

Health coaching empowers people to re-examine lifestyle choices and make behavioral changes that enhance their overall health and wellbeing.


Meet Julie

Julie is an Emory University trained health coach with a passion for health and wellness. Her goal is to help you reshape the story of your life so you can see what’s possible.



“We are what we repeatedly do.”


Client Testimonials


“The media and our environment make healthy living and weight loss so complicated so I love that Julie simplifies it. It doesn't have to be this hard difficult task because Julie shows us how it's just about your behaviors and habits.”

Jeendanie, L.

“She has taken something many of us struggle with — being active and healthy — and created an approach where being active and healthy can become second nature. She tailors her services to each individual, and I’m really grateful for her coaching. It has reframed my thinking and reshaped the way I approach wellness today.”

Channing, J.

Not only is Julie super encouraging, she connects the various segments of your life that you don't necessarily consider when you are trying to obtain your goal. She's excellent at connecting the dots that we miss when we become laser focused on something. It's nice to have that perspective to help build the habit as opposed to just being narrow in thought.”


Sarah, P.